How to download

Downloading is simple. Just click on a link in the Download Links section and that link will open in a new window or tab, depending on your web browser’s settings. From there, you can direct-download the files, use a link generator service for faster downloads or use a torrent client, depending on which links are available.

Download links do not work

To use download links, you must have Javascript enabled in your web browser. Unless you’re blocking javascript or have made some specific modifications to how your web browser behaves, you should be able to access download links fine on desktop and mobile browsers.

Broken download links

Each download link is numbered. If you encounter a broken link, please make a couple of clicks to report the link as broken. Broken links will be replaced ASAP as needed and possible.

Downloading torrents / magnets

If you’re downloading using torrent files or magnet links, you absolutely should use a VPN (virtual private network). We recommend Private Internet Access, but any VPN provider that allows torrent downloads should work.

Downloading from filehosters

Unless you’re just trying to download 1 or two files, we highly recommend using a download manager like jDownloader, which is a cross-platform download accelerator and manager. Further, for the fastest-possible downloads, use a premium-link generator like Linksnappy. Linksnappy also allows you to download torrents anonymously with 100GB cloud storage, so you wouldn’t need a VPN to download torrents if you have a Linksnappy account.

More questions

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, feel free to contact us.