Comment Polices and Privacy

Last modified: September 13, 2020

All comments are moderated and must be approved before they’ll show up.

This site accepts comments on many pages. On supported pages, all information except the comment itself is optional.

If you wish to leave a name with your comment, we prefer it’s fictitious, but not offensive.

Anonymized personal info

This website actively works against storing your personal information related to comments.

Email address information, if supplied, is modified before it’s stored in the database. We also anonymize your IP address before it’s stored when you make a comment. By default, WordPress (which this site uses), stores full IP addresses of people who leave comments. We strip off the last parts of commenter’s IP address before it is stored with the submitted comment.

The only way this site can obtain personally identifiable information about you through submitted comments is if you leave personally-identifiable information in the name, website or comments fields. Any personally-identifiable information left in a comment will be removed or the comment itself will be deleted without publication.

How information is anonymized

We’ve created a couple of filters for WordPress that modify commenter information before it’s stored. The code for this is here:

These filters do a couple of things:

  • They strip the last part of a commenter’s IP address and replace those parts with Xs. For example, if your IP address is, will be stored as the IP address associated with your comment.
  • They record the email address for all comments as [email protected]*****.com, regardless of whether an email address was entered with the comment.

Comment approval and meta modifications

We moderate comments ASAP, though it may take a few days in some cases. We reserve the right to reject comments (simply delete them from the moderation queue) or modify the name or website field information if offensive or, in rare cases, is determined to be a comment made to simply submit a website link. If you’re going to include a website URL, you must use a real name, not some keywords that describe your website.

As an example, we won’t ask anyone to confirm their name is ‘Sunny Blue Widgets’, but if that name is submitted with the website ‘’, we will remove the Website URL before approving the comment.

Disallowed comment contents

Unless a website link is somehow necessary to be placed in a comment, we do not allow URLs or website links to be placed inside the comment area. Comments full of download links, even if related to the post or page being submitted to, will never be published. If you want to share up to 3 different download links for a particular page, feel free to post them as a comment, and if they’re working, we will add them via our own interface.

At some point we may have a ‘submit link’ option on download pages, but as this website is brand new, we’ll revise this as needed.